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Corporate Events

Organisations are busy reappraising changing the way they operate – to become faster, more flexible, empathetic and responsive. They need committed, empowered staff and a living, uplifting culture to be successful. We create experiences to inspire staff loyalty and encourage a culture that keeps what your brand promises. We create results that enable your employees and partners to optimise your brand presentation and ultimately promote your social commitment. We create a foundation that transforms your employees and partners into loyal, innovative and purposeful ambassadors for your brand. 

Our services in the area of corporate events comprise

  • Brand and product launches and training

  • Cultural initiatives

  • Cultural promotion

  • First-day onboarding events

  • Incentives

  • Sales promotion

  • Training & learning

  • Staff events

  • Participant management

  • Film and video production

  • Anniversaries

  • Activation campaigns

  • Strategy implementation campaigns

  • Management meetings

  • Kick-offs

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