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Brand Experience 4.0 & Events. Live and virtual.

Show design

“Immersive experiences” mean that we create emotionally intense moments that stimulate a lasting effect. Creative channels, convincing dramaturgy and technical innovation guarantee unforgettable experiences as well as contemporary and dialogue-based productions. 
We are fascinated by stories, which we translate into content that enables, embodies or expands brand experience. 

We understand how to appeal to all senses with bespoke dramatic compositions. We draw on art, culture, design and modern technical innovations to enable memorable encounters between people, brands and visions.

Our services in the area of show design comprise

  • Individual story development

  • Tailored show design

  • Dramaturgy

  • Stage design

  • Spatial design

  • Artist selection

  • Bookings

  • Directing

  • Choreography

  • Artistic management

  • Virtual show

  • Graphic design

  • Video and animation

  • Musical management

  • Artwork production

  • Sound production

  • Detailed planning and equipment

  • Programme management

  • Coordination of assembly and dismantling services

  • Coordination of rehearsals

  • Logistics

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