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Differentiate through innovation and transform your brand experience into unique events that make a difference.

With The Happening, we set new standards for innovative brand experiences and event design - live, virtual, immersive.

Make your brand even more relevant to your stakeholders and activate the future today!

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Courage for the extraordinary –
Strategies for more return on experience.

Do you want differentiation an something really new?

At The Happening, we believe a little courage to be crazy is the key to unique and unforgettable experiences. For more successful customer acquisition and more lasting customer loyalty. Make a lasting impression!


Our projects are more than just live marketing campaigns or live communication; they are forward-looking activations that sustainably set your brand apart from the competition— live, digitally and virtually.

Strategic planning for maximum impact.

Discover our magic formula: A comprehensive strategy that unlocks the full potential of your brand. We combine creativity, storytelling, scenography, communication and design with innovative technology to create future-oriented experience spaces in which your target groups play the leading roles.

Let your stakeholders experience the extraordinary and see your brand in a new light. Contact The Happening today to create unforgettable brand experiences that inspire.


Your future starts here - let's do something new together.

Customer voices

«Andrej has an enormous amount of experience in the event sector. He knows how to inspire people and move them emotionally. As a lateral thinker and sparring partner, he has supported us in various projects with a high level of creativity and vision.

His team of experts always manages to anticipate trends and develop innovative ideas.»

Christof Buri,

Head Marketing &Communications

LGT Group Holding


We strengthen your brand  – for lasting customer and employee loyalty.

Discover the strategy that has led over 1500 leading companies from a wide range of industries to success. The most successful companies have taken on the extraordinary - and are still thrilled with the results today. Let us activate your future too. Schedule an appointment now to find out more about how we can.


  • enable a significant increase in customer acquisition

  • strengthen the relationship between the brand and the stakeholders in a sustainable way

  • significantly increase the performance of your marketing activities

Book an appointment right here, and we will be happy to show you exciting case studies from over 1000 successful projects that illustrate how we activate the future.


Measure your performance.
Use AI and increase your ROI.

Increase your ROI: tailor-made events and genuine customer loyalty through AI-supported optimization. Optimize your event success with us and make it measurable through personalized events and direct customer interaction.


We will be happy to advise you. Book an appointment right here with our Creating Director and Founder Andrej Isler, for a non-binding brainstorming session.


From vision to empowerment: the three-phase success model

Our proven model for creating exceptional brand experiences and events is based on an overarching process:


Inspire - Integrate - Activate

This model includes

  • Strategic planning for holistic achievement, ensuring that every detail of your vision is fulfilled.

  • Intelligent creativity that pushes traditional boundaries and opens up new perspectives.

  • Integrative communications dramaturgy that creates a seamless connection between message and audience.

  • Interactive storytelling that actively engages and moves your audiences.

  • Design fusion that merges physical and virtual worlds to create immersive experiences.

By consciously integrating innovative and immersive technologies (AR, VR, MX, holography, metaverse) we amplify our ideas and create breakthrough experiential spaces. These spaces combine emotion and technology to create a differentiating brand experience that leaves a lasting impression on your target audiences.

Your future starts here - let's develop ideas together on how we can create even more relevance for your brand.

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Experience Design 2.0: Emotions at the heart, technology as a catalyst

In the era of Experience Design 2.0, we are pushing the boundaries of traditional brand experiences by intelligently blending the physical and virtual worlds. Emotions are still at the heart of our experiences, but now they are amplified and enhanced by the targeted use of technology (AR, VR, MX, holography, metaverse).


This symbiosis makes it possible:

Active interaction: Foster deeper understanding and stronger connections through interactive participation.

Global presence: Provide access to your brand from anywhere in the world to extend your reach.

Uniqueness: Focus on innovation to differentiate and secure a distinctive edge.


Technology is not a barrier but a bridge to the next generation of brand experience, enriching every touchpoint without ever overshadowing the power of emotion.

Zukunft des 
design und Events:


"People forget what you said, they forget what you did, but they will never forget the feeling you gave them". Maya Angelou


"The point is to make something new, something that is not
remotely reminiscent of what has gone before."

Allan Kaprow, New York

Action artist and initiator

of the first "happenings"

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Live Experiences

We all long for unique live experiences in a hyperdigital age. What we create are personal, sensual experiences that invite the audience to touch, feel, taste, hear and even smell a brand. Whether it’s a product launch, road show, conference, customer event, staff incentive, exhibition or trade fair etc. – our event marketing professionals create real-time moments that move, inspire and excite people.

Hybrid Experiences

We interact with people and brands in many different ways – online, offline and frequently both at the same time. Hybrid experiences combine data, content and data design to blend live, on-demand, in-person and remote elements within high-touch environments. These flexible and connected experiences are driven by dynamic, personalised content that merge into a unique experience for your brand.

Virtual Experiences

Our virtual experiences are completely digital and harness the power of technology to tell the story of your brand. We know how to convey a sense of community and inclusion – even online – and are skilled at connecting format, scope, technology and engagement. Virtual roundtables, remote 1:1 networking, streamed keynotes and even workshops with online moderation. The possibilities are endless.