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Celebrate your company anniversary! Make your brand the shining highlight of the year!

Successful anniversary events:
Write the future of tomorrow with the quil of yesterday.

Use your company anniversary as a unique opportunity for brand differentiation with The (   ) Happening. In a world where brands fiercely compete for attention, we understand that an anniversary is much more than just a celebration – it's the perfect moment to reposition and strengthen your brand sustainably. Explore with our expertise in event planning how you can transform your company anniversary into a powerful tool for brand development."


Give your brand an unforgettable shine that radiates far beyond the celebrations.


Thank your employees, customers, and partners in a way that will be remembered.

PR - Chance

Use the anniversary to communicate your success story in various ways.


A look back, a leap forward - motivate your team and set new goals.

Our Promise: Your Success


As a full-service agency, we accompany you from the first idea to the spectacular implementation. Our goal is to make your company anniversary a legendary happening. In doing so, we strengthen your brand and anchor it sustainably in the minds and hearts of your guests.


Let's write history together.

Are you ready for an unforgettable anniversary? Schedule a discovery call now with our CEO Andrej Isler and find out why renowned companies like Homburger, Henniez, Illycafé, LGT, or UBS are thrilled with our event and brand experiences and how we can transform your anniversary into a legendary happening.

The ( creative ) Happening – Zürich. Berlin.

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The (  ) Happening 

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