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We transform your strategies into brand narratives.

We make your brand experiencable for internal and external audiences to drive growth and inspire powerful loyalty among your customers and staff.

The Happening views your organisation from a holistic perspective – including the challenges that present across all touchpoints. Our aim is to increase the overall effectiveness of your brand, to turn it into an experience. 

To do so, we craft captivating and impactful stories for all kinds of channels and platforms.

Immersive Experiences

We are constantly developing, testing, expanding and exploring new technologies to deliver more immersive, responsive, curated and connected brand experiences. 

Our services in the area of experience marketing comprise

  • Launch events

  • Media events

  • Road shows

  • POS events

  • User conferences

  • Sales conferences

  • C-level events

  • Corporate events



The stories we tell are experienced with all the senses and place your audience front and centre. The expectations that stakeholders place in the entertaining, innovative and interactive aspects of content are higher than ever before. We are therefore steeped in what we call experiential content – content that enables, embodies or expands a brand experience. This versatile method reaches a far broader audience. Experiential content catches the eye, changes perceptions and stimulates discussion.

Our services in the area of experiential content comprise

  • Content strategy

  • Creative strategy

  • Channel strategy

  • Creative concepts

  • Creative management

  • Content writing

  • Artistic management

  • Graphic design

  • Animation

  • Animated artwork

  • Immersive storytelling


  • Video editing

  • Post-production

  • Project management

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