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What We’re Reading

„As people spend less time on screens and more time out in the world, successful brands will be connecting with their customers through experiential marketing and through immersive activations as consumers rediscover their old (and new) passions.“ Leanne Sheraton, senior vice president of marketing at PayPal is quoted in AdWeek discussing post-pandemic experiential marketing.


„Like many people this past year, artist Carmina Escobar found herself reevaluating and reflecting on her practice. Over email, she said that it gave her “the chance to explore a different model for creation.” Elisa Wouk Almino writes about site-specific performances for Hyperallergic.


„Buzzbar is one of the first to make “in-person” fundamental to the business model, with plans to expand beyond the Shoreditch bar. Conversations are already underway for “Buzzbar on tour”: pop-ups in coworking spaces and elsewhere.“ Carly Minsky reviews BuzzBar, a London-based drop-in marketing agency.


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